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MSK Recipes

A selection of recipes using our ingredients which you can use and adjust for your own needs.  Please give us a ring if you have any questions about any of them.

10 May Egg-free macarons
MSK 0 3883
These egg-free macarons use a combination of MSK Eggless, UltraWhip and Silk Gel for a superior result.  The UltraWhip aerates the mix, and the Silk Gel emulsifies it.  The Eggless provides structure ..
03 May Egg-free Lemon Drizzle Cake
MSK 0 4032
This delicious lemon drizzle cake recipe uses a combination of MSK Eggless with UltraWhip and Silk Gel to create a superb egg-free bake.  The Ultrawhip provides the aeration, the Silk Gel emulsifies t..
19 Apr Plant-based Fruit Mousse Recipe
MSK 0 3160
This vegan fruit mousse uses MSK UltraWhip for aeration and UltraGel 5 for setting.240g Plant-based Cream60g Water50g Sugar7.5g MSK UltraGel 5Mix the cream and the water together and warm to 80°C. Mix..
14 Apr Vegan Cake Glaze using UltraGel 5
MSK 0 4325
This cake glaze is gelatine-free and suitable for vegans because it uses MSK UltraGel 5 as a gelling agent.  UltraGel is a seaweed-based gelling agent specifically developed for a soft, elastic textur..
18 Feb Matcha and Yuzu Mousse using MSK UltraMousse
MSK 0 2536
The simple solution for vegetarian gelatine-free mousses, MSK UltraMousse comes in a powder form and is easily dispersible in cream. Once aerated this then forms a wonderfully light, smooth and stable..
04 Aug Soy and Ginger Powder using MSK UltraSec
MSK 0 2089
MSK UltraSec has been specifically engineered to turn almost any liquid into a powder form. UltraSec works best with strong or intense savoury flavours to retain the essential character of taste while..
07 Sep Freshly Pressed Tofu, Roasted, in a Cocounut Thai Green Curry
MSK 0 1902
Tofu may not have the best reputation as an ingredient for fine dining, but this is mainly due to compromises forced on commercial Tofu production to ensure long shelf life. Fresh Tofu, on the other h..
29 Aug Roasted Pumpkin Risotto with Balsamic Vinegar Jelly Cubes using UltraGel 2
MSK 0 2873
MSK UltraGel is a natural, seaweed-based gelling agent with a soft, elastic texture and smooth mouth-feel.  It is has a higher melting point than gelatine and other vegetarian gelling agents, making i..
15 Jul Red Pepper Cannelloni using MSK UltraLin
MSK 0 2621
MSK UltraLin has a similar texture and functionality to sugar, which makes it a perfect option for creating savoury versions of sweet dishes.In this case we've created a savoury cannelloni tube using ..
18 Sep Wild Madagascan Sugar Tart
MSK 0 2112
This stunning tart uses our wild madagascan sugar, set with carageenan iota.300ml Milk200ml Whipping cream4 Egg yolks100g MSK Wild Madagascan Sugar1g MSK Carageenan IotaPlace the cream into a pan over..
11 Sep Panela Crème Caramel
MSK 0 2604
Panela is a non-refined raw sugar made from dehydrated cane juice which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Its unique caramel tones deliver a subtle sweetness and flavour to this classic dessert. Makes..
10 Jul Tumaco Chocolate Tart with a Salted Caramel Crust
MSK 0 2803
This unique origin chocolate from the tropical forests of the Colombian coast has notes of vanilla and pepper with deep fruity tones to create a stunning dish with a blend of bitter, sweet and a hint ..
18 Jun Apple Pâte De Fruits Recipe using MSK Slow-Set Pectin
MSK 0 2549
MSK's Slow-Set Pectin is the perfect pectin for making pâte de fruits.  It's a yellow pectin (pectin jaune), but designed to set a little slower than normal, so that at the dosage needed for pâte de f..
04 Jun Yoghurt Parfait served with Hibiscus Marshmallow topped with a Hibiscus Jelly
MSK 0 9515
Hibiscus Jelly20g MSK Dried Hibiscus Flowers250ml Stock Syrup1g MSK Malic Acid2.5g MSK Carageenan Iota5g Caster SugarIn a small pan infuse the Hibiscus flowers and stock syrup over a gentle heat for 1..
10 Nov Toasted Mulled Wine Marshmallow
MSK 0 1620
This is a lovely little Christmassy dish of Pears poached in mulled wine, with vanilla custard and toasted mulled-wine marshmallow, finished with Pain D'Epices and Gold Dust. Toasted Mulled Wine Marsh..
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