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Calcium Lactate, 200g

Calcium Lactate, 200g
Calcium Lactate, 200g
This extract from Lactic Acid can be used in conjunction with Sodium Alginate to create larger spheres through the process of Reverse Spherification (or Frozen Reverse Spherification).

The ingredients used to make the larger spheres are as follows:

• Calcium Lactate – An extract from Lactic Acid, add 3% by weight to the liquid.

• Sodium Alginate – An extract of seaweed used in the spherification bath that will gel in the presence of calcium ions. Add 1% relative to the weight of the water.

Provides a less bitter taste in the end product when used in spherification in place of calcium chloride.

Calcium Lactate will dissolve in fat.

Please see our Chef's Tools section for micro scales, syringes and pipettes etc

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