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27 Sep Chocolate Delice with Pistachio Ice Cream
MSK 0 1932
We’ve got another autumnal dish to share with you today. This is a chocolate delice which has been made in the Pavoni Polly mould (MSK-8076) and then sprayed with yellow velvet effect cocoa butter (MS..
02 Sep Black Forest Gateau with Leaf Tuile
MSK 0 3424
We are sharing a classic for today’s culinary inspiration - a Black Forest Gateau.The leaf garnish on this dessert is made using the Silikomart Bosca leaf mould. We use MSK Tuile Sugar (MSK-8136) to m..
30 Aug Nevado White Chocolate with Lemon, Honey and Bee Pollen
MSK 0 1531
We’ve got something sweet for you all today. Take a look at this Nevado white chocolate with lemon, honey and bee pollen which was made using Nevado White Chocolate by Casa Luker.This product embodies..
22 Aug Techniques with Nevado White Chocolate and the Ocoo
MSK 0 2253
We’ve got more inspiration for those of you who have an Ocoo in your kitchens. Using this fantastic machine we have 'aged' Nevado white chocolate and then included it in this dish as a 5-hour Ocoo whi..
13 Jul Vegan Waffles and Ice Cream
MSK 0 3495
Today we have some vegan ice cream inspiration for you. This delicious chocolate ice cream is made with single origin Luker dark chocolate. It’s also made with silk gel for a silky smooth feel. The fr..
02 Jun Egg-free, Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse
MSK 0 3651
This plant-based chocolate mousse uses Silk Gel and UltraWhip to replace the eggs and Soy Single for the cream.200g Water10g MSK UltraWhip6g MSK Silk Gel50g Sugar290g Macondo 60% Dark Chocolate100g Al..
11 Sep Panela Crème Caramel
MSK 0 2541
Panela is a non-refined raw sugar made from dehydrated cane juice which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Its unique caramel tones deliver a subtle sweetness and flavour to this classic dessert. Makes..
10 Jul Tumaco Chocolate Tart with a Salted Caramel Crust
MSK 0 2662
This unique origin chocolate from the tropical forests of the Colombian coast has notes of vanilla and pepper with deep fruity tones to create a stunning dish with a blend of bitter, sweet and a hint ..
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