Use MSK Strukture to easily bind together different vegetable textures to create a product that will hold together during cooking and will retain its texture and shape when eating.

It can be used to create vegetable burgers, sausages, kebabs, koftas and so on.

Rather than encasing the vegetables into a gel, this mix enables the vegetables to bind directly together to form a strong, stable structure during cooking. It also brings extra protein and a wonderful savoury flavour. As the burgers (or kebabs etc) cool to eating temperature, the binding softens slightly to provide a juicy mouthfeel with a satisfying structure. Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diets. GMO-free.

MSK Vegan Base Mix (makes two burger patties)

Use this recipe to create a base vegetable mix which can be used for a wide range of different recipes by adding your own seasonings and flavours. 

  • 50g Sweet Potato Puree (baked)
  • 50g Raw Grated Beetroot
  • 25g Cooked Chick Pea (chopped)
  • 25g Cooked Beans (chopped)
  • 40g Cooked Brown Wild Rice (chopped)
  • 40g Water
  • 2g Vinegar
  • 10g Olive Oil
  • 3g Salt
  • 0.5g Cayenne Pepper
  • 32.75g MSK Strukture Vegetable Binding Mix

Mix together all the ingredients except the MSK Strukture. Put the mix in a freezer and leave until it is as cold as you can get, before it starts to freeze.

Add the MSK Strukture. Make sure it is well mixed with no clumps of powder. Divide into the correct sizes and press into burgers; this works best if lined in cling film as the mix is quite sticky.

Leave to set for 12 hours in the fridge. The burgers can be frozen at this point, if required pan-fry or grill the burgers, making sure the internal temperature goes above 80°C to activate the binding agent.