Today’s dish is an orange and chocolate tart with orange ice cream. All of this dish is plant-based and gluten-free.

The tart is made using our new Luker Oat Milk Chocolate and the ice cream is made using our vegan ice cream stabiliser. We used our orange essential oil which gives an amazing flavour to the chocolate.

The base recipe for the Vegan Ice Cream Stabiliser is:

  • 125g Vegan Ice Cream Stabiliser 
  • 500g Ice Cream Mixture

The Ice Cream Mixture can be made up as either half plant-based milk and half plant-based cream, with one of our flavouring compounds for the desired flavour, or 200g fruit puree (eg Raspberry) and 300g plant-based cream.

Orange Ice Cream 
  • 250ml Plant-based Milk
  • 250ml Plant based Cream
  • 20g Sugar 
  • 3 tbsp MSK Orange Compound

The ice cream base works in both a pacojet and a traditional ice cream machine.