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Quick Help - Spray Dried Tomato Powder

MSK Spray Dried Tomato Powder, MSK-0980

MSK's Spray Dried Tomato Powder is a premium quality powder made from 100% tomato. The pure juice is spray dried at low temperatures to ensure intense flavour is maintained.

We've put together a number of recipes and suggestions for how you can use it.  Please get in contact or ask for a sample if you'd like to know more.

Key Information


  • 100% tomato
  • Hydrates easily
  • Very simple to use and to add interest and flavour to a recipe

Primary uses:

  • Seasonings and coatings
  • Adding flavour and colour to breads, pastries and biscuits
  • To give depth of colour and flavour  to liquids
  • Dusting on plates and glasses for creative presentations
  • Add flavour and absorb moisture in e.g. koftas, falafel

Alternatives to:

  • Tomato juice
  • Tomato puree

Hints and Tips:

  • Use a small sieve / tea strainer for dusting
  • A small muslin bag with a few rice grains makes a handy duster for plates
  • Make sure you put the lid back on securely
  • Watch out for humidity as it will start to form lumps
  • If it starts to form lumps, blitz in a blender to bring back to a powder

Tomato Powder Recipes

18 Jul Tomato and Vinegar Fluid Gel using MSK UltraTex
MSK 0 9523
We love a time-saver at MSK and this technique is a cracker.  It uses our Spray Dried Tomato Powder with a bit of vinegar and MSK UltraTex to make a smooth, glossy fluid gel in no time at all.  What's..
11 Jul Tomato and Balsamic Vinegar Pork Scratchings
MSK 0 1550
Our Tomato Powder is great for making seasonings and coatings for your dishes and garnishes. Here's a quick recipe for making a fantastic seasoning which we've used to coat our pork scratching popping..
04 Jul Cheese and Tomato Sablé Biscuits
MSK 0 1056
A simple and delicious recipe for using our Spray Dried Tomato Powder: A cheese and tomato sablé.Cheese and Tomato Sable200g Butter (diced)225g Flour200g Emmental Cheese (grated)15g MSK Spray Dried To..
27 Jun Tomato and Parmesan Tartlet using Spray Dried Tomato Powder
MSK 0 2864
Here's another technique which uses our fantastic spray dried 100% tomato powder, this time as an ingredient in a delicious tomato, parmesan and avocado tartlet.  The tomato powder is used to flavour ..
16 Jun Tomato Tuile using Spray Dried Tomato Powder
MSK 0 3646
There are some great English tomatoes coming into season right now and so we thought we'd show you a few techniques which use our fantastic spray dried tomato powder for garnishes and sauces you can u..
28 Apr Avocado Ice Cream with Ocoo Tomato Essence
MSK 0 2614
This recipe showcases the Ocoo's potential for making unique, intense, natural essences from fruits or vegetables.  In this case it's a caramelised tomato essence, made by cooking in the Ocoo for 5 ho..