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Hy-foamer is a protein foaming agent, designed to mimic or enhance egg white foams.

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Hy-foamer is a natural whipping agent used to improve or replace the use of egg whites. Hyfoamer will not over whisk or crack like an egg white will, it is also heat and acid stable which will allow for the production of flavoured meringues especially those with a strong citrus flavour and a low sugar content.

Hy-foamer can be used in a wide range of applications, from foams to pastry dishes.

  • Create amazing, fat free foams from fruit or vegetable juices or even alcohol bases.
  • Add to whipped egg whites in order to increase and improve the texture and volume of soufflés and mousse bases etc.
  • Replace egg whites with Hyfoamer in marshmallows and macaroon recipes in order to produce fruity, acidic and egg-free petit fours.

Hy-foamer foams:

  • are light and compact, slightly more rigid than ‘air’ foams.
  • will hold beautifully in a swipe or swirl.
  • can be served warm or cold.

Fruit and vegetable foams

Egg white free meringues and marshmallow

Enhance soufflés and macaroons

Simply whisk hy-foamer into fruit or vegetable juice to produce a light meringue style foam, this can be stabilised with the addition of sugar or xanthan gum. 

Hy-foamer can produce savoury meringues due to the stabilisation of the foam with xanthan gum, just a very small quantity of sugar is required to crisp up the meringues.

White 1% hyfoamer into whisking egg whites to improve stability and increase over run.

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