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Lecithin Value Pack, 1kg

Lecithin Value Pack, 1kg
Lecithin Value Pack, 1kg

Lecithin is an emulsifier (prevents oil and water from separating). It is found in plants such as soybeans, egg yolks and animal sources.

Soy lecithin offers a multifunctional, flexible and versatile tool. Its emulsifying properties help promote solidity in margarine and give a consistent texture to dressings, sauces, cheeses and chocolate.

Lecithin can be added to bread recipes to help combine the mixture of water and vegetable oils present in the dough, which otherwise would not form stable mixtures, this will result in a softer, lighter textured bread

Lecithin can also be added to sauces to increase the foaming effect, resulting in a light stable foam.

Once opened lecithin should be stored in the refrigerator

How is Lecithin produced?

Lecithin is a combination of naturally occurring phospholipids, which are extracted during the processing of soybean oil. The soybeans are tempered by keeping them at a consistent temperature and moisture level for 7-10 days. This process hydrates the soybeans and loosens the hull. The soybeans are then cleaned and cracked into small pieces and the hulls are separated from the cracked beans. Next, the soybeans are heated and pressed into flakes. Soybean oil is extracted from the flakes through a distillation process and lecithin is separated from the oil by the addition of water and centrifugation.

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