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CO2 Dry Ice Condensor, 1 unit

CO2 Dry Ice Condensor, 1 unit
CO2 Dry Ice Condensor, 1 unit
Produce your own dry ice simply and instantly with this simple device, which fits on to a standard liquid CO2 container. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide or CO2. It is obtained by reducing the pressure and temperature of liquid CO2 in a controlled manner; this makes the CO2 change into pure white snow like. This snow can be used as it is or can be highly compressed to form tablets or pellets of various diameters. Use to create fantastic visual effects and reactions, as an aroma vaporizer or to fume and carbonate drinks. Making dry ice instantly is easy, safe and does not require much equipment. It can be handled without danger and is odorless and tasteless.

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