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Spherification Tools

Spherification Tools
Tools to give you smoother, quicker and easier spherification results.
Product Code: MSK-3029
The new caviar box is the perfect accessory to develop the spherification technique.It allows you to create large quantities of liquid caviar drops, effortlessly and with great precision.Ideal for cocktail bars, restaurants and banqueting.This box can be disassembled for easy cleaning...
Ex VAT:£100.92
Product Code: MSK-3031
Lotus Spoon by 100% Chef, 2pk..
Ex VAT:£9.99
Product Code: MSK-6803
Lotus Spoon Gold, 1 unit..
Ex VAT:£17.89
Product Code: MSK-3030
Replacement Silicone Seal for Caviar Box, 3pk..
Ex VAT:£15.29
Product Code: MSK-6805
Dispenser Kit for reverse or direct spherification – dispense spheres in 3 different diameters at a rate of up to 100 spheres per minute. This system allows liquid pearls to develop well in advance without hardening, and to provide pearls for mis en place with perfect flavour...
Ex VAT:£49.89
Product Code: MSK-4889
Spherification Spoons Kit, 1 unit..
Ex VAT:£10.37
Spherificator Automatic Spherification Machine, 1 unit Spherificator Automatic Spherification Machine, 1 unit
2-3 Weeks
Product Code: MSK-6804
Spherificator -Automatic Spherification Machine, 1 unit Spherificator is the only semi-industrial automatic reverse spherification machine on the market. It automatically doses pearls of 4 different diameters (4, 6, 8, and 10 mm) producing more than 100 spheres per minute, with an output of up to ..
Ex VAT:£2,756.29
Product Code: MSK-3103
Gold-coloured metal can, similar to the authentic caviar can of 80 g of capacity, printed with the logo Caviar Imitation, unique design. Resistant to the dishwasher.Material: TinUnits per box: 12Dimensions: Ø 6,5 x 2 cm / 30 ml..
Ex VAT:£38.29
Product Code: MSK-3104
Gold-coloured metal tin perfect for caviar. pills or other snacks or candies. Resistant to dishwasher. Material: Tin Units per box: 12 Dimensions: Ø 6,5 x 2 cm / 30 ml / ca. 80 g..
Ex VAT:£29.99
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