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Fino de Aroma Couvertures

Fino de Aroma Couvertures
The FINO DE AROMA denomination is an International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) classification, which describes an especially exquisite aroma and flavour. Between 6 and 7% of the world’s cocoa is classified as cacao Fino De Aroma, and is predominantly grown in equatorial countries, such as Colombia, Ecuador & Peru. The distinctive characteristics of this internationally recognised cocoa make it most desired by chocolate artisans and chefs.
Product Code: MSK-7777
A milk chocolate with a stronger personality! The interesting mix highlights cocoa tones together with a creamy mild texture. The special milk-caramel flavour unfolds an unmistakable sweet flavour that gives this chocolate its exquisiteness...
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Product Code: MSK-3596
A chocolate that seduces with its exotic flavour and soft acidic tones that complemented by the cocoas fruitiness. Delicate flavour with a fluid texture, a good balance between the typical bitterness of cocoa and sweet tones. A good all-rounder. Applications: Decorative, Figures, Moulding, Decoratin..
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Nevado White Chocolate Chocolate by Casa Luker, 2.5kg Nevado White Chocolate Chocolate by Casa Luker, 2.5kg
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Product Code: MSK-3594
Embodies the exotic colour and exquisite flavour of chocolate made with 100% natural undeoderised cocoa butter. Marked milky notes and mild cocoa with subtle floral notes typical of natural cocoa. Applications: Desserts, Fillings & Ganaches..
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Product Code: MSK-8138
This allergen-free vegan couverture is made from a mix of Colombian Fino de Aroma beans with gluten-free oat powder and rice powder and is simply the best tasting allergen-free chocolate we’ve ever tried. Characteristic of couverture chocolate with cereal-like notes, and free of foreign odours or fl..
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