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Cacao Derivatives

Cacao Derivatives
Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Mass by Casa Luker, all derived from Fino de Aroma Cocoa beans. Most commercial cocoa butter used in chocolate production has been deodorised for use in the cosmetics industry, but Casa Luker's cocoa butter is not, meaning it retains all the natural chocolatey aromas carried over from the beans and is a superior product for use in patisserie.
Product Code: MSK-7137
100% fino de aroma cocoa mass, ideal for the production of ice creams, savoury chocolate sauces and other applications where the addition of sugar to the chocolate may be undesirable to the recipe..
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Product Code: MSK-7138
This is a 100% natural un-alkalised cocoa powder. Typically cocoa powder is treated with an alkalising agent to bring out a darker colour. This, however, reduces the flavour and lessens the characteristics of the cocoa. This powder is a light un-alkalised powder bursting with the fino de aroma chara..
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