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A growing bank of useful hints and tips on how to get the most out of our innovative product range.

We thought we'd start with information on our flavouring systems.  We not only have a vast array of flavours, we also offer a range of flavouring systems so we can cover all applications.  We often get calls and questions about which ones are best to use in which situation so we hope you find these articles useful.

We've also included a couple of articles on the secret to flavoured or savoury meringues, aka Hyfoamer and Xanthan Gum.

And if you have ever wondered how to create wonderfully smooth and creamy ice cream - read on!

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the cocktail masterclass with Myles Cunliffe of the Mixology Group and  Martin and Angel from 100% Barman.

It was the first of this type we have run and we were very thrilled with the feedback we...

Posted by in Know-How, News, Video Demos on June 16, 2014 .

Thank you to all of you who made this event a massive success again this year.  For those of you who couldn't make it, we've captured some of the highlights on video, including expert demonstrations from:

  • Oriol Castro, former...

Posted by in Know-How on March 18, 2014 .

Getting the perfect balance between viscosity and taste is made easy with MSK Ultratex!

Sometimes you’ve got the right taste but your sauce is a little thin.

Ultratex allows you to get the perfect consistency without...

Posted by in Know-How, Video Demos on March 17, 2014 .

There's no more need for reductions and sticky, bitter or salty sauces.  Simply add as little as 1% MSK Ultratex for instant thickening, hot or cold.

Tasteless, colourless and gluten-free, MSK Ultratex solves the problem of viscosity.


Click on the image to view the video demo.

Posted by in Recipes, Know-How, Video Demos on March 13, 2014 .


A very light, dry and fine tapioca maltodextrin, Abzorbit will absorb fats and oils and turn them into a fine powder, which then melts back on the palette!

Click on the image to view our video demo.

Posted by in Know-How on October 21, 2013 .

If you are looking to serve a gel on a hot plate, gelatine won’t do as it melts above 14-16 °C

So you need a heat-resistant gel.

Generally speaking, I would use Agar Agar or a Gellan Gum.

Agar Agar is heat stable between...

Posted by in Know-How on September 30, 2013 .

MSK’s wide range of flavours and flavouring systems cover all applications and give you full control over the flavour in your food.  But knowing which option to use in which situation can, at first, be confusing.  Should you reach for a...

Posted by in Know-How on September 29, 2013 .

Flavour drops are a fantastic option when you:

  • want to retain the consistency of the dish
  • want to add a secondary flavour dimension or add more depth to the existing flavour
  • are looking for an efficient and easy way to have...