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Liquorice (Natural) Flavour (water soluble), 30ml

Liquorice (Natural) Flavour (water soluble), 30ml
Liquorice (Natural) Flavour (water soluble), 30ml
A water soluble intense flavour, which provides a unique and exceptionally efficient method of adding flavour to dishes.

Highly concentrated, this flavour can be easily diluted to impart flavour into any mix where liquid can be added. It offers a great degree of flexibility regarding the level of flavour required, allowing you to create exciting dishes bursting with full flavour or offering more subtle hints of flavour tones.

Highly versatile and especially good at flavouring ice cream, chocolate ganaches, sorbets, patisserie and creams etc.

You can also use these fantastic flavourings to increase the top notes of the dish whilst preserving the texture of the natural product.

Dosage: 1-2ml will flavour 1l of base liquid.

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