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Using MSK Ingredients to create innovative modernist cuisine.

Here's our starter recipes to get you thinking. We'll be publishing more over the coming weeks so keep coming back for more ideas.

Posted by in Recipes on July 16, 2013 .

Create a lovely sorbet with soft-scooping creaminess and a fabulously rich flavour.  The MSK Standard Sorbet Stabiliser provides the structure and smooth mouth-feel and the high concentration of the MSK Flavouring Compound pastes are perfect for flavouring Sorbets.

Posted by in Recipes on July 16, 2013 .

This delightful Pate De Fruit is flavoured with an MSK Flavouring Compound.  The compounds are concentrates of the natural product and come in a paste form and so will flavour any dish where a paste can be added.  We've chosen apple flavour...

Posted by in Recipes on July 16, 2013 .

This lovely summer dessert uses a Carrageenan Iota and a Rhubarb Flavour Drop (with a little Malic Acid) to create a really flavoursome Rhubarb Jelly topped with a light and airy Strawberry Foam, made with Hyfoamer and Xanthan Gum.