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Using MSK Ingredients to create innovative modernist cuisine.

Here's our starter recipes to get you thinking. We'll be publishing more over the coming weeks so keep coming back for more ideas.

Posted by in Recipes, Know-How, Video Demos on March 13, 2014 .


A very light, dry and fine tapioca maltodextrin, Abzorbit will absorb fats and oils and turn them into a fine powder, which then melts back on the palette!

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Spherification is a form of gelation first pioneered by Feran Adria in 2003. It is becoming increasingly well-known and involves a chemical reaction which causes a gel to form around a liquid when it is submerged into...

Posted by in Recipes on January 23, 2014 .

For the ganache, I've used the Nevado White Chocolate flavoured with a Violet Flavour Drop.  Nevado is made with 100% natural undeoderised cocoa butter and combines marked milky notes and mild cocoa with the subtle floral notes typical of...

Posted by in Recipes on January 23, 2014 .

Macondo dark chocolate seduces with its exotic flavour and soft acidic tones complemented by the cocoa's fruitiness. It has a delicate flavour with a fluid texture, a good balance between the typical bitterness of cocoa and sweet tones. A good...

Posted by in Recipes on December 03, 2013 .

Add to the christmas cheer with these sweet festive petit fours.

Posted by in Recipes on December 02, 2013 .

Christmassy petit fours ideas to add to the festivity.

Posted by in Recipes on December 01, 2013 .

Our heat stable flavouring concentrates give you 60 flavours to choose from!

Posted by in Recipes on October 01, 2013 .

This delightfully light, multi-layered and refreshing dessert showcases spherification, flavouring and foaming techniques using MSK ingredients. We’ve chosen apple flavour but our extensive range of flavourings frees your...