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Flavouring Meringues

Posted by in Know-How on September 26, 2013 . 0 Comments.

Flavouring traditional meringues can be tricky.  The acidity in the flavour tends to break down the egg white and cause the meringue to flop.  Similarly, if you use a Flavour Drop, the alcohol volatile in the carrier will break down the egg white.

The solution is to turn the problem around.  Instead of flavouring your meringue, turn your flavoured sauce or juice into a meringue using MSK’s Hy-foamer!

Hy-foamer gives you the protein to aerate without the water content and the other ingredients found in egg white, which would otherwise react to additional acid or alcohol.  This allows you to take something like an orange, beetroot or raspberry juice and turn into a meringue.  You can then of course also add additional flavour depth or tone using a flavour drop if desired. Hyfoamer also won't over-whisk or crack like egg whites will

Hy-foamer has a hydrogen molecule attached to the protein, which makes it very, very light and a very effective foaming agent.  For allergy sufferers, it has the added benefit of being egg-free! 

So for instance you could make a Lemon Meringue where the meringue is actually lemon-flavoured by just using lemon juice, hyfoamer and a stabiliser such as sugar or Xanthan Gum.

Hy-foamer can also replace the egg whites in marshmallows and macaroon recipes in order to product fruit, acidic and egg-free petit fours!

More widely, it can be used to create amazing fat=free foams from fruit or vegetables or even alcohol basesin a wide range of applications, from foams to pastry dishes.

Generally speaking, Hyfoamer foams:

  • are light and compact, slightly more rigid than ‘air’ foams.
  • will hold beautifully in a swipe or swirl.
  • can be served warm or cold.

Have a look at this video to see me using hy-foamer to create beetroot foam and beetroot puffs as part of a pan-fried mackerel dish.

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