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Creating Hot & Flavoursome Gels

Posted by in Know-How on October 21, 2013 . 0 Comments.
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If you are looking to serve a gel on a hot plate, gelatine won’t do as it melts above 14-16 °C

So you need a heat-resistant gel.

Generally speaking, I would use Agar Agar or a Gellan Gum.

Agar Agar is heat stable between 65-85°C.  Gellan Gum F has a 40°C setting point and a 120°C melt back point, an unusually wide range.  Due to its very high melt back point, it is generally considered to be thermo-irreversible

A potential issue with gels which have melt back points above body temperature is that the flavour volatiles get locked in so you can’t taste them very well. 

Compared to other heat stable gels, Gellan Gum F gives the best possible flavour release because it breaks along the volatile chain – you’ll notice a slightly jagged edge where it tears.  Gellan Gum F also provides a lovely clear gel with no graininess and it brings no flavour of its own.

It’s great for canneloni, plate dressings and can of course be blitzed to make fluid gels.

The Gellan Gum F product pages give further detail on how and when to use.

Gellan Gum F and Agar Agar give firm, inflexible gels with no adhesion.  If you are looking for something with more elasticity, adhesion or a gel that melts in the mouth and leaves the palette very quickly, say, to top a mousse or nice soft parfait, then give me a call here at MSK.  I’ll talk you through all the options, so we can work out what will work best for the particular application you have in mind.

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