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MSK UltraTex
MSK UltraTex

MSK UltraTex


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MSK Ultratex - a gluten-free, multi-functional, highly dispersible instant thickening starch of use in both hot and cold applications.

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MSK Ultratex - the essential ingredient for every kitchen.

This product is fantastically practical, multi-functional and of use to all kitchens.

MSK Ultratex is a high performance, thickening starch and is an extremely versatile product. It can be applied to both hot and cold liquid preparations until they reach the desired thickness. It is a tasteless, colourless and gluten free powder. When added to a liquid it disperses quickly and evenly without lumping.

Because Ultratex is tasteless, a perfectly flavoured sauce can be thickened to the preferred texture without compromising its flavour.

There are a great many versions of ultratex on the market, MSK Ultratex has been selected for its suitability for the professional kitchen.  In our view, it is the most versatile, easily dispersed and instant thickener available.

Add Ultratex to liquids in order to:

  • Thicken thin juices and sauces to the texture of your choice
  • Make wafer thin tuiles by drying out gels made with Ultratex
  • Make perfect fluid gels

Simply add gradually until preferred consistency is achieved.

The hydration is rapid so it thickens very quickly. You can ideally leave it for five minutes or so as the consistency will continue thickening slightly as the starch swells.

Typical usage levels in liquid systems could be 2-5%.

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