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Silk Gel
Silk Gel

Silk Gel


Product Code: MSK-0494
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Categories: Silk Gel, Ice Cream & Sorbet Stabilisers

Silk Gel – the secret of silky soft ice creams and sorbets!

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Silk gel has been designed specifically for the production of ice creams and sorbets.

As little as 5g of silk gel can be added to a traditional base and allows the production of a silky, soft ice cream or sorbet that is smooth on the palate, with the added benefits of being easier to serve and of improved storage.

Silk gel can be easily dispersed into a warm liquid base.


To add to a cold base, the gel should first be mixed with a drop of hot water.


Silk Gel is used as an emulsifying agent in many products, such as baked goods, whipped cream and ice cream.

  • Add to ice creams and sorbets to improve mouth-feel. 
  • A small amount can be added to stabilise hollandaise and similar style sauces.
  • Improve the texture of breads and sponge cakes.
  • Powerful enough to "bring back" a split ganache or ice cream.

Flavour with one of our wide range of Flavouring Compounds.

The paste can be added straight into hot liquids or pre-dispersed into a little hot water for ease.

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