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Isomalt is a sugar substitute generally used for sugar work and diabetic desserts

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    Dec 01, 2013

Isomalt is a type of sugar alcohol manufactured from sugar, which is primarily used for its sugar like physical properties.  It maintains a workable texture far longer than normal sugar and is a lot stronger, making it the best form of sugar to use for sugar art work.

Isomalt has only 2 calories per gram and is diabetic-friendly.

It is white crystalline and odourless.

Advantages of Isomalt:

  • Low hygroscopicity- absorbs very little moisture

This is the greatest advantage of Isomalt. Isomalt absorbs virtually no moisture at a temperature of 25ºC and a relative humidity up to 85%. Isomalts hygroscopicity is lower than that of all other sugar alcohols and even sugar itself. As a result, Isomalt makes products highly stable when stored.

  • No Caramelisation – has a high heat resistance

Isomalt melts only between 145 and 150ºC and its chemical structure is not altered at normal cooking temperatures. Sweets made with Isomalt can develop their full flavour, enabling you to make high boiled products with delicate aromas.

  • Isomalt blends well with any flavour

Unlike many other sugar alcohols (xylitol or erythritol), Isomalt has no undesired cooling effect and can be blended with any flavour from minty to fruity

  • Mild sweetness

Isomalt can be combined with intense sweeteners to achieve any desired sweetness profile. Isomalt tastes just as natural and pure as sugar although its sweetening power is about 60% that of sugar

  • Good solubility

The solubility of Isomalt is 24g in 100g of solution at 24ºC, increasing at greater temperatures

  • Sugar free

Isomalt is not absorbed by the body the way sugar is and is therefore diabetic friendly

  • Pulled or blown sugar
  • Sugar decorations on desserts
  • Hard and soft sweets
  • Chocolates
  • Sorbets and ice creams
  • Baked goods
  • Tuiles

Isomalt can be used to replace sugar in candy floss – perfect for flavoured candy floss!

Simply heat the Isomalt to dissolve and add colour and/or flavour as required.

Isomalt for sugar work

Boil 1kg of Isomalt with ½ litre of water to 165ºC

Add colours and flavours at 140ºC

This mixture can now be used for:

Lollypops - using a spoon spread the mixture on to a silpat into the shape and size desired, attach a lollypop stick using a little of the hot mixture.

Pulled or blown sugar - pour onto a silpat or slightly oiled marble allow to cool a little and pull 10-15 times, place under a heat lamp to keep soft and mould as desired.

Spun sugar - allow mixture to cool a little and proceed spinning.

Bubble sugar - pour hot mixture onto some silcone paper, lift paper and let the sugar run in different directions on the paper.

Tuiles - pour mixture onto a silpat cover over with another silpat and place in the oven at 180ºC for 3 –5 mins. Remove from oven and using a rolling pin spread the mixture to achieve a fine layer between the silpats. Remove the top silpat cut and mould tuiles as desired.


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