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Mix with fats or oils to turn them into a fine powder.

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Abzorbit is a carbohydrate extracted from Tapioca Starch with a very low bulk density.  It is completely insoluble in oil and so is able to absorb high quantities of oil and fat, transforming the original ingredient into a fine dry powder, with a melt in your mouth silky-smooth texture.

Abzorbit has a very slightly sweet taste.

Highly water soluble, hot or cold.


  • Create a white chocolate powder to garnish desserts or to coat truffles.
  • Turn olive oil to powder and sprinkle over salads.
  • Pan fry truffle oil powder for a crispy truffle ball garnish.

Fats/oils should be liquefied and chilled.

Gradually add approx. 60% fat to 40% Abzorbit.

Pass the powder through a chinios.


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