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Ice Cream Stabiliser 50
Ice Cream Stabiliser 50

Ice Cream Stabiliser 50


Product Code: MSK-1697
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Categories: Ice Cream & Sorbet Stabilisers

Stabiliser and emulsifier designed for dairy based ice creams and parfaits

£24.99 ex VAT

Ice cream stabiliser was developed in order to attain an ice cream of optimum structural quality in an easy and practical way.

The stabiliser is soluble in cold or warm liquid and can be added to any recipe without alteration.

This stabiliser can be added to a base for paco-jet or traditional ice cream machines in order to give the base a marked increase in volume.

The result is a warm, rich, creamy, stable ice cream.


50g per litre dosage rate. Suitable for hot and cold application.

Designed to produce a premium ice cream, with a soft creamy mouthfeel and stability on the plate.

Enhance your dessert with Flavouring Compounds – the low water content and high flavour concentration is perfect for flavouring ice creams and parfaits.

Why not finish off with one of our Topping Sauces?

Simply add 50g of stabiliser to 1 ltr of crème anglaise – product maybe added to a hot or cold base.

Note:  when using the paco jet, pieces such as raisins will be chopped throughout the ice cream, however they can be added and rippled through the ice cream after it has been turned.

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